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Y&R slash?

Is there any Y&R slash, specifically:

Danny Romalatti and Kevin Fisher, two attractive characters with a friendship that ripe for slashing, why does it seem like no one has done it?

Or something with that Devon Hamilton?

Looking for Kon/ Tim Fic

Does anyone know where to find a fic that involves Tim and Kon and a quirk of Kryptonian society that inclines them to have two partners. Tim is having trouble with the idea of sharing Kon with Wonder Girl. I think Batman and Superman appear in this. I really like the idea/ conflict.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Danny/ Dougie

Title: Suspisions
Pairing: Danny/Dougie
Author: blinkn
Rating: G, not a dirty word even, I think
Summary: Tom and Harry wonder about thier friends

You could imagine from what we see that Danny is the fire starter and Tom the fire brake, with Dougie following shyly in suit with Danny’s shenanigans and Harry cool and collected hanging back amused by it all until he’s had his fill and rallies the wayward playboy and the bashful beauty to business. “Come on you two, let’s be about it, Tom’s called us to order, you can play later!”

Sufficiently abashed they quit their fit of silliness; well mostly as Dougie does his level best to be good while Danny cannot resist the occasional distraction in the form of licks and intimate touches that garner blushes from the youngest member of the troop and an admonish from the oldest. They all get up to their own measure of play, pranks and jokes, enjoying each other’s company, but Tom is by far the most businesslike when it comes to practice and rehearsal. Though if he was honest, and he’d never admit it out loud he was glad for the duo’s distractions, the mayhem that contrasted to his order... mostly!

He had always wondered though, as had Harry, he had learned while talking, after a similar attempt at practice when the goofy two just would not let the other be, if there wasn’t something more. Having been anywhere from shirtless to bare ass naked in one another’s company they are all not shy of the other but neither he and Harry, or any variation of the quartet’s roughhouse and play with quite the enthusiasm as Dougie and Danny. Mind you Danny was quiet the ladies man, bedding more than his share of cabbage, in boast and in fact, and Dougie had his moments but still there was the suspicion, not that he or Harry cared in the negative, rather to the positive they had hoped they would if they had not, cattle truck, wear the other out and maybe they could get some work done for once.


Harry Potter Survey

Whats your one true pairing?Ron and Draco
What (if any) other ships do you ship?Harry/ Draco, Ron/Harry, Ron/Dean,Dean/ Seamus, Oliver/Ron, Oliver/ Harry, and Marcus Flint/Oliver
what do you think of Ron/Hermione?Works in the book, but hate hate it otherwise, too perfect!
what do you think of Harry/Ginny?Too perfect, nice neat package!
what do you think of Harry/Hermione?Not for or against, all depends.
what do you think of Harry/Luna?Not for or against, all depends.
what do you think of Draco/Luna?No!
what do you think of Draco/Hermione?No!
what do you think of Draco/Ginny?No!
what do you think of Harry/Draco?I can find this more often, but only my second fav.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
who do you think is the half blood prince?Can't Bring Myself to read it!
who do you think will die?I know who, Damn Spoilers!
do you ever read HP fanfiction?Yes, frequently
do you ever write HP fanfiction?No, horrible writer!
do you write HP fanfiction alot?Never
are you obsessed with writing HP fanfiction?No.
Other stuff
on a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are you?1
how many times have you read Sorcerers Stone?Once
Chamber of secrets?Once
Prisoner of Azkaban?Once
Goblet of Fire?Once
Order of the Phoenix?Once
how long did it take you to read Order of the Phoenix?2-3 months, read inbetween classes
do you own more than one copy of any of the books?No
Do you have any Harry Potter computer games?No
do you own any of the Harry Potter movies?No




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